"Being a Puneite I really did not know how to use makhana..though i was aware of its health benefits. After tasting Popmak i fallen in love with it... Great Work STK..KEP IT UP."


           "Its a great ANY-TIME Snack that i can munch on with no fear of upsetting my stomach. Its the ultimate combination of health with awesome taste."

         Architect, Mumbai.

          As a mother of two kids under 10, I am very enthusiastic towards nutritious snack that also does well with the kids' taste buds. My children love a certain brand's onion and cream deep fried potato chips, which I had to ration to them (once in a month or so) because I considered it pure junk. Ever since we discovered STK's onion and cream makhana (that is another story in itself, maybe for later!), the kids haven't asked for the potato chips. Without any exaggeration, this healthy snack has replced some seriously junky snacks in my kitchen. Right from the amount of oil to the kind of oil, from use of natural flavourings, non-use of MSG, STK's choices clearly communicate that their priority is health. I have but one complain: its not easily available, it only has to be ordered out. Planning an order, wiring the money, waiting for the courier, is all too much effort. As a result we dont eat as much makhana as we would like to. Why don't they retail from multiple outlets? It'll make it simpler for a lot of mums like me!

         Manger, WNS-Kharadi

          We were frying makhana and giving to my son occasionally as these were healthy. As soon as we came to know abt Popmak, we loved the way they have launched it as a snack and my son love their Indian masala flavor more than anything. We are fan of popmak and will continue to be. Great going!