Makhana Kheer..This Diwali

Difficult to resist sweets during festive season!!!!???Try some makhane ki kheer. have some healthy sweet. Happy Diwali.. _smile emoticon


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Different types of healthy snacks

Different types of healthy snacks
      Whether you are planning a day in the mountains or a weekend road trip, it is common to forget snacks and drinks on the beach. Eating three meals a day routine can be a real problem if a person is not accustomed to eating out daily. This is wrong, stop the intake of food available almost on the road at all, but you can make adjustments, eat healthy food. 

The typical junk food such as hamburgers, chips and soda package contains bad fats, how many calories, reduce nutrients. In two days eating junk food can make you a bad stomachache. 


If you are eating breakfast or in a small restaurant or hotel breakfast bar, or at the gas station, to avoid too much sugar and high carbohydrate foods. Instead, choose omelet filled with vegetables or brown bread toast. Drink low-fat milk or 100% fruit juice. 

Eating a bowl of fresh fruit. Including yogurt parfait and boiled eggs, a good source of protein. 

Eat snacks in the car:

If you are on a road trip, you will encounter a lot of grocery stores, it is more than fast food and  healthy snacks in india restaurants.Taking will make your co-passengers in a cheerful mood and healthy eating choices. If you are driving, you should be less snacks, in order to avoid distractions. In the automotive healthy snack choices. Fresh fruit, such as apples, bananas, grapes, peaches and plums. 

Vegetables such as carrots, celery or cucumber, and broccoli or cauliflower florets. 

Water to keep yourself hydrated. Even if the leak, nor is there any staining.Experts 8-10 glasses of water per day is recommended. 

Low-fat yogurt, pudding or homemade muffins or biscuits stick to meet the sweets. 

• Low-fat cheese or dried fruit, such as raisins, cashews, almonds or almond. 
• equipped with fiber and nutrients or biscuits baked whole wheat crackers. 
• grilled chips less fat. 
• From whole wheat bread, peanut butter or lean cut sandwiches. 

Lunch and dinner are the best restaurants, not fast food to eat, to provide them with healthy choices. 

If the fast-food shop, go whole-wheat bread, lots of vegetables and lean meat. Grilled chicken sandwiches accompanied by fried chicken sandwich better than the alternative. 

If you are staying in a hotel, there is a wealth of healthy snacks and foods to choose from. Go to the local grocery store to buy fruit, nuts or pick up something from the salad bar or deli health. 

Rapid and healthy snacks for busy people in today's busy society, many of us spend most of our daily work and local driving round trip. It is often difficult to eat healthy snacks, and even a healthy meal. Many of us rely on fast food outlets to provide us with our daily nutritional needs. This is usually not the most healthy alternatives. However, for those of us who are willing, here are some healthy snacks journey. 

The first one on the road is a healthy snack trail mix. This is a fun little snack, because you have the opportunity to add their favorite products. Some popular mixtures include: dry cereal, nuts, dried fruit. When your trail mix with dry cereal, make sure you choose a high-fiber cereal, whole wheat foods. This morning or afternoon snack consumption will make you feel more healthy and give you an energy boost. Other healthy snacks on the go, including raw vegetables and fresh fruit. To make snacking process is very easy, you can simply wash a lot of carrot sticks, celery sticks, red pepper and broccoli. Do not have to, you have to spend time washing vegetables every day. Wash enough vegetables to last three to four days. As for fruits, apples and pears are the easiest on the go snack. However, if you want to get creative, you can create an interesting fruit salad ready. 

Finally, another people is a healthy snack energy bar on the go. When you want to buy an energy bar, make sure you buy a low-calorie, Tran's fat and saturated fat. Find a bar, if you want a can enhance or bar, if you want something more filling is a high protein, high carbohydrate. Energy bars, and other foods listed above, is a great healthy snack for people on the go.
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Healthy Snacks for Healthy Living

Looking  healthy snacks in india  seems to be a chore. With vending machines, convenience stores and supermarkets offer so much fried and unhealthy choices, it seems hard to resist junk to healthy choices. Eating is not packed with sodium, fat, real food and chemicals should not be difficult, with some advance planning, it is easy to avoid. Thankfully, there are a lot of close delicious, delicious, healthy choices. 

Corn nuts may look like a junk food snack, but roasted corn nuts contain heart-healthy fats, protein and fiber filling but tasty snacks. They contain more than traditional potato chips and fiber fewer calories, so you fuller longer. Even better, they provide a crunchy snack foods, rival even the best potato chips. Corn nuts are many delicious tastes like barbecue and pasture available.

Soy nuts are another filling and healthy snack. They contain 20 percent of the recommended daily fiber in just one-third cup. There unsaturated soy nuts, or health, fat and protein. They also contain isoflavones prevent heart disease and various cancers. Although the content of isoflavones vary based on a variety of factors, most of them contain more than twice the recommended daily dose.
Choose from exotic flavors such as mustard or traditional pickled taste. Soy nuts are sure to keep your weight exactly in between meals.  Snacking dried cranberries can be your sweets between meals for a healthy way to meet. Most commercial products contain sugar, in order to find the best all natural sugar nutritional products. Bilberry has been shown to help treat urinary tract infections, and may help prevent stroke. Flavonoids containing dried cranberries they exhibit a high concentration of harmful free radicals in vivo reduction of antioxidant. 

Maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially between meals is often a challenge. Easy temptation found junk food choices can often overwhelm even the most stringent dieters. Convenient, tasty temptation to choose their own surroundings can inhibit your unhealthy. Looking healthy snacks can be a challenge, but there is one piece of information, and advance planning, you can easily eat a healthy, delicious snacks anywhere.

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Healthy Snacks for kids

Looking  Sometimes it can be difficult to ensure that our children getting the daily allowance good nutrition, especially when there are a lot of snacks from the grocery store, not entirely healthy snacks kids. If you find that you do not have time to prepare fresh daily habits of a healthy diet for all three, or if you suspect your child's eating habits are not what they should be, when they are away from home, so it is vital that we want to ensure our children snacks between meals are eating healthy snacks. Nutritious healthy snacks in india throughout the day helps to limit the child's sense of hunger, they also play an important role in promoting the nutritional intake. Healthy snack is not only beneficial to prevent our children from overweight, but they also help prevent diabetes and unhealthy eating habits related to the development of other diseases. 

Finally, in the current snack food our children might decide their eating habits will be like later in life. So now let our children healthy snacks, we can very well set them to a lifetime of healthy eating. The following are 10 healthy snack ideas for kids, I guarantee they will love. Homemade popcorn - my kids like to eat homemade popcorn. Not only is homemade really easy to prepare, but it is also a satisfying whole grain snack full of protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, the most important antioxidants. Antioxidants fight and prevention of disease through beneficial to your health.

Dry cereal - my two year old likes to eat snacks, dry cereal; whole grains. He really loves oats and oatmeal honey strings. Whole grain cereals are really tasty and filling. In addition, whole-grain cereals low in saturated fat and cholesterol. They are a good source of dietary fiber, and provide the necessary vitamins, minerals and protein. Juice - oh, how they love smoothies. I prepare a lot of healthy smoothies for my kids especially on a hot day, sometimes every morning. I let them use non-fat plain yogurt, fruits and vegetables, such as oranges, bananas, strawberries, mango, carrots, spinach and celery (fresh or frozen).

Soy nuts are another filling and healthy snack. They contain 20 percent of the recommended daily fiber in just one-third cup. There unsaturated soy nuts, or health, fat and protein. They also contain isoflavones prevent heart disease and various cancers. Although the content of isoflavones vary based on a variety of factors, most of them contain more than twice the recommended daily dose. Choose from exotic flavors such as mustard or traditional pickled taste. Soy nuts are sure to keep your weight exactly in between meals.  Fruits and vegetables smoothies and vitamin C B, and a very rich source of your significant other beneficial ingredients metabolism. Dried fruit - dried fruits such as raisins, apricots, apples, pears, figs and plums are another delicious choice, because your child snacks. Dried fruit is not only a good source of vitamins, minerals and fiber, but also offers a range of other beneficial ingredients. Fresh fruit - bananas, apples, cantaloupe, watermelon, just to name a few, really delicious. I cut them into bit size pieces and give them to my kids finger food. Fruits contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, helps to maintain a healthy body, prevent diabetes and kidney disease. Oatmeal cookies - delicious oatmeal cookies is a healthy snack is delicious, tasty and nutritious. Yes, nutrient-rich. Although some people may not consider a healthy snack oatmeal cookies, but it is full of fiber, B vitamins and minerals, such as iron. Pumpkin muffins - 

This is what I let my kids all the time, they did not even notice the vegetables, because it is so delicious. Pumpkin muffins contain dietary fiber and protein, which is essential for a healthy diet. Granola bars - my children, I bake them together, they get to put whatever they want. Oatmeal is high in fiber, which helps reduce the risk of iron deficiency, diabetes, and lower your cholesterol. Cheese - children really like cheese and they did a really great snacks. Similarly, you can cut into bite-sized pieces. Cheese is packed with protein, calcium, both pro-life and enzyme is essential for a healthy diet. Yogurt - What child does not love yogurt? I give my kids plain yogurt, they like it. Yogurt is a good source of calcium, protein-rich sources, it can help fight infections and strengthen your immune system.

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